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Great Advice on Joining an Online Casino

Great Advice on Joining an Online Casino

So you want to join an online casino but are unsure where to start. Great, this blog will help you choose. Joining an online casino is great, relaxing fun, and if you are a little lucky, you can also ...
Top 7 Tips When Playing Online Blackjack

Top 7 Tips When Playing Online Blackjack

The Most Popular Online Slot Games in New Zealand

The Most Popular Online Slot Games in New Zealand

Tips when Playing Blackjack at New Zealand Online Casinos

Tips when Playing Blackjack at New Zealand Online Casinos

A Look At The Best Slot Machine Providers

A Look At The Best Slot Machine Providers

Casino Guide

Great Advice on Joining an Online Casino

Great Advice on Joining an Online Casino

7 Important Tips when Playing Roulette at New Zealand Online Casinos

7 Important Tips when Playing Roulette at New Zealand Online Casinos

Free Spins Casino Sign-Up Bonus Tips

Free Spins Casino Sign-Up Bonus Tips

Top 5 Casino Game Graphics Providers

Top 5 Casino Game Graphics Providers

New Zealand Online Casino Gaming System – A Useful Guide

New Zealand Online Casino Gaming System – A Useful Guide

The 3 Things that you need to know about Gambling and Gaming Legality Testing in New Zealand

The 3 Things that you need to know about Gambling and Gaming Legality Testing in New Zealand

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Great Advice on Joining an Online Casino

Great Advice on Joining an Online Casino

Casino Guide, Casino Tips

So you want to join an online casino but are unsure where to start. Great, this blog will help you choose. Joining an online casino is great, relaxing fun, and if you are a little lucky, you can also win big money, but there are plenty of caveats, to begin with. Gamble within your limits This should be obvious, but it isn’t for everyone. So by all means, when you have had a good night’s sleep and are awake. fresh and relaxed, sit down and create a budget for your gambling.

Why gambling is enjoyable?

Gambling should be mostly for fun, but the fun runs out quickly if you spend above your comfortable limits. You don’t want to get to the point where you have a choice between gambling and eating, or gambling and being able to afford gas to get to work.

Determine your risk factor for gambling online You want to both have fun and hopefully pick up some pocket money, but if your goal is to become an instant millionaire, then that is a different strategy. There are hundreds of ways to make $100 or more, but only one way to become an instant millionaire, and that is to play slots like Mega Moola or Gladiator. If the latter is your goal, more power to you, but realize the chance of winning a big jackpot is only around 1 in 49,836,032 plays. And even if you only wager the minimum bet, you might need to wager well over a billion pulls to win the jackpot.

How to choose the right casino

Choosing a casino by reputation is the next thing to know. New Zealanders are lucky because unlike places such as the United States, they pretty well can choose any online casino anywhere in the world with the minor exception that the online casino cannot be physically located in New Zealand. To the best of our knowledge, there are no online casinos that do not accept Kiwi players. So that’s the easy part. The hard part is choosing an online casino with a great reputation. So how do you do that?

Consider the licensing source Online Casinos can be divided into four main categories: * unregulated casinos — those which have no licensing whatsoever. * Casino regulated by Native American regulators such as the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority in Canada. * Casinos operated in Central America such as those regulated in Panama or Antigua. * High-End Casinos are regulated in the UK, Malta, and other European Countries. To make matters fairly simple, we’ll just say that unless you are a fool, never gamble at any unregulated online casino, Indian Casinos can be risky, and Caribbean Online Central American Casinos are just about as risky as gambling at an unregulated casino. This leaves high-end Casinos such as those regulated in the UK or the Isle of Man, and Casinos which are regulated in Malta. Malta alone has nearly 400, licensed online casinos, and they are very tight at actually regulating casinos.

Top online casinos - Great Advice on Joining an Online Casino

Look for the eCogra seal for additional protection, look for the eCogra seal. eCongra is a private organization based in the UK that ensures that casinos operate ethically. eCongra has two divisions, the Approved Testing division, and the Self-Regulation Service division. The first tests things like software, to ensure everything is above board, but it is the second, the Self Regulating Division that matters. Just because you win substantial money does not mean you will collect that money from the casino. Some casinos are notorious for taking the money and running. eCongra is an agency you can turn to, which is far more powerful than complaining to a government regulatory body such as the Malta Gaming Association. It is your best option to ensure you get paid properly

Find out more about the casino

Also, review sites, be sure your considered casino meets the first two steps, but finally, different review sites may offer you a quick comparison of the casino. We say may, because, unfortunately, many review sites are nothing more than a list of online casinos that receive a small commission for touting. But some review sites are very good and will rate an individual casino. Do read such reviews to get an idea of whether the casino is legit or not.

Do your research. Concerning doing your research, we urge you first to consider whether the casino has the games you wish to play, what are the withdrawal and payment methods and limits, how soon you can expect a payout and more. In general, we say do not pay a lot of attention to the casino bonuses, because bonuses are a notoriously sketchy part of almost all online casinos.

Test out the casino for yourself. After all, this is done, take a small percentage of your gambling kitty and chose a casino you think you’ll enjoy and that everything is likely to be satisfactory. Do not send more than $100 or $200. This is a test, and if you spend upwards of $1,000 or more, you may be very unsatisfied with the results. Rember, the object here is to find one, or possibly two great casinos, not to have 10 or more online casinos going. You want a fair casino, with good games, to have fun, and hopefully win a little pocket money here or there.

Top 7 Tips When Playing Online Blackjack

Top 7 Tips When Playing Online Blackjack

Casino Tips

Blackjack is the most played casino games in these past years. The player needs to have skills in it to win. Before you can even start playing it, you must have a strategy and incorporate them. There are several tactics you need to follow, and they will determine whether you will win or you will lose such steps you need to follow includes the type of casino you choose to the knowledge you have regarding this game and its rules. It would help if you prepared before you start playing, and it will play a key role as it will increase the chances of you winning. The following are essential tips that will help you win every time you play blackjack casino game.

Find a safe and reputable casino

Most people ignore this fact when finding the best place to play the blackjack game. The only trick you need to know is to get a casino that offers a lot of blackjack games, and it is generous in giving bonuses. You can not underestimate your safety. Some casinos are not genuine, and you will keep on playing, and you will not win the game; some will even impersonate you hence becoming a victim of fraud. If you are playing with your real money, you cannot afford to put your security at stake; however, you can avoid all these issues by making sure that the casino you choose to play the blackjack game has a valid license from gambling commission. Choosing a casino that is silenced, you can be sure that the games fair and your security is well taken care of.

Understand your game well

Blackjack games are not all the same. You need to know that applying the same strategy for all games will not work. For you to understand here is a piece of helpful information you should use for the best blackjack strategy for each game you choose How it pays, The number of decks in the shoe, Can you surrender and if you can in which case, Are allowed to spilt your hand up to how many times, Are you allowed to hit a split ace. You should ultimately be aware of the game you are playing; it is critical to note that there are blackjack games that have the same name, but they differ in rules and house edge. This difference comes in because they are all manufactured by different software manufacturers.

Use a primary blackjack strategy card

After you are familiar with the rules of the game you have chosen to play and in the right casino to play it from, you can go ahead and select a necessary blackjack strategy card that you can only use only in the blackjack game you have chosen to play. These cards are essential, especially if you are playing this game for the first time. By selecting this card, you will be in a better position to make the right decision regardless of the situation that you in. The blackjack game is a low house edge for the skilled players are in a place to reduce this advantage when they apply strategies for various blackjacks games.

tips for slot machines happy typing - Top 7 Tips When Playing Online Blackjack

Use the demo to test

After you have identified the best strategy to use for the game, it is very reasonable to feel like putting your ideas into practice however it is vital to test your skills first by play money instead of using your real money some demos are available that you can use to make sure that the strategy you have chosen is perfect for minimizing the risk of losing. Playing the demo will present an ideal opportunity for you to practice your skills in card counting.

Make sure you take advantage of blackjack bonuses

Most games in the casino have great bonuses that can help win more as well as boosting your balance hence enabling you to have even more chances for you to play more however it is essential to note that also though blackjack game give bonuses, it is not all that is good for the blackjack players for an instant the low house edge of the game, most operators who operate this game will mostly not include the blackjack game from their welcome offer, as a player that must be on the lookout on the conditions that are attached with the bonus of the game that you are playing to ensure that you get good value of your money. If you check the terms applied to the bonuses, you will find out the best reward for you as a player.

Use of blackjack strategy tables

If you are playing a blackjack game in an online casino, then you have the advantage of using strategy tables. These tables will factor in your card. In some games, it is usually evident on which action you should take next. For you to reduce the house edge to the minimum, you must ensure that you follow the strategy matched table to the variant you are playing. This will help you in increasing the chances of winning real money.

Try interesting variants

One of the most fun things about playing blackjack is that you will come across many exciting and innovative variants. Blackjack games such as switch 21 duel and double attack blackjack have distinctive twists and traditional rules that always make this game so exciting and fun to play. Regardless of the blackjack game that you choose to play, always make sure that you familiarize yourself with its rules. In most of the casinos, they usually give you a chance first to play free. You should take this opportunity and utilize it, especially when you are trying out a new variant. Make sure that you get familiar with the rules of the game for you to be confident and assured when you are playing with real money.

Be aware of your insurance strategy

When you are playing the blackjack game the ‘house’ usually gives you insurance when the dealer is showing ‘ace’ when you are plying you have a chance to bet half of your original waver to protect yourself against the blackjack.it is advisable that you consider insurance strategy before you play any blackjack game online. If it is your first time to play the blackjack game you must have a strategy for yourself on how you are going to play and it is good, you stick to it. It would be best if you exposed yourself more on these games. Make it your priority to learn and do more practice to be perfect. For the players who are already old in the game should make sure that they continue to perfect their skills in counting cards. If you are not aware of how you to play the blackjack game, you should not be worried as it is effortless to master it. It has been recognized as the most straightforward game to win money, and it is also fun to play it. The blackjack games are mainly to keep you happy and entertained as you earn money

The Most Popular Online Slot Games in New Zealand

The Most Popular Online Slot Games in New Zealand

Online Casino Games

Are you looking for the most popular online slot games in New Zealand? Here are five slots that offer you endless fun, bonus, free spins, wilds and multipliers.

These five slots will have you on the edge of your seats waiting for those winning combinations as well jumping for joy when you hit the big bucks that they offer. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out the five most popular online slot games in New Zealand.

1) Starburst

Is the number one popular online slot game in New Zealand. The popular video slot is a five-reel, three rows and with ten pay lines. It is designed by one of the top software providers as well as NetEnt.

The amazing design by NetEnt for Starburst makes you feel like you are in space with the stars. The creative theme brings out the beauty of the dynamic symbols. The bright shine that it gives off the gems brings out the life of the game especially when you are winning the combination.

Starburst comes with re-spins, wild and multiplied features as well. You can’t forget the jackpot 500 x your stake is available to boost your balance. Your bet is as low as .01 to the max bet 100.00.

The starburst symbols are your standard colourful gems, bar, seven and the starburst wild.

Bar – 3 to 5 / x50 – x250

Seven – 3 to 5 / x25 – x120

Yellow – 3 to 5 / x10 – x60

Green – 3 to 5 / x8 – x50

Red – 3 to 5 / x7 – x40

Blue – 3 to 5 / x5 – x25

Purple – 3 to 5 / x5 – x25

Starburst stands to its excellent creative reputation. For being number one popular slot online. The dynamic, beautifully colourful and great attention-getter.

tips for slot machines casino games 665x365 - The Most Popular Online Slot Games in New Zealand

2) Gonzo’s Quest

The gonzo’s quest is the second popular slot for New Zealand; it is an adventure of winning combinations. The graphics and the animations make you feel like you are taking an adventure through the decade as you set on a quest on the shores of Central America deep in the rain frost.

Gonzo’s Quest was designed by one of the best software NetEnt. The video slot with five reels, three rows and twenty pay lines. It has an excellent 96% RTP. The popular slot features wilds, avalanche reels and free falls. Max payout $225.00 and the range of bet .20 to $50

When a combination of symbols falls in place the winning symbols will disappear and then immediately replace with another one. So when a new rockfalls in place it can multiplier.

2nd avalanche x2

3rd avalanche x3

4th avalanche x5

During the bonus, you can get up to 15x multiplier every time new rockfalls in place. You can also collect three gold scatters bonus with free fall symbols like no other. The Gonzo’s Quest slot is fun and keeps you on the edge of your seats the whole time you are playing.

3) Tiki Wonders

The tiki wonders slot is very extremely popular in New Zealand and amazing quality and creative features are very stunning enough to you and very entertaining and you can’t get enough of the Tiki Wonders by NetEnt.

You get the feel of the slot designed by NetEnt. With the spectacular and pleasant with the Hawaiian vibe and the breath is taken beach background theme. The sounds of the waves and the creative symbols give it a special touch as well.

The symbols for the tiki wonders on the reel are the hula girls, iguanas, dolphins, cocktail many kinds, parrots and the turtles. The suffering boy is the wild symbol.

The Tiki Wonders is a five-reel, three-row and thirty pay lines for you to bet range of .1 to 5. The RTP is 93% players return over, again and again, to play the tiki wonders online.

The Tiki Wonders offers players a progressive jackpot of $120,000 big ones, wild symbols, scatter, autoplay option, free spins and multiplier. That will have you on the edge of your seats waiting for the next winning combination to hit.

4) Book Of Dead

Is the fourth popular online slot for New Zealand. It is a stunning slot with great details of graphics that is an eye-catcher that keeps players coming back for more and brings you in with the ancient Egyptian style of music that begins as soon as you start to play.

The book of dead slots online for New Zealand is a five-reel, three-row, and ten pay lines. The slot is full with bonus round, free spins, wild combination, scatter symbol. Three kinds of screens change in the event you have your base game slot, bonus round, and the winning screen as well.

The huge jackpot that everyone gets a big shot at no matter if you bet low or high. The slot is set up so that everyone gets a shot at getting the huge amount of $25,000.00.

5) Wizard Of Oz

The wizard of oz is the fifth slot game online in New Zealand. It is based on the classic movie. The slot contains five reels, three rows and thirty pay lines that will keep players on the edge for every winning combination. The big huge payout of $50,000.00.

The amazing slot is fun and has some great creative detail features. It offers the free spins, bonus rounds, wilds, scatters and the huge jackpot of 50.000.00 that keeps players coming back and back for more.

The Wizard Of Oz symbols is the beautiful Dorothy herself, the game logo symbol, the cute little dog Toto, Emerald city, bright ruby slippers, the scarecrow, the brave lion, the tin man, the ugly wicked witch of the West, air balloon, a tornado, and a house. The Emerald City is the Feature symbol and the game logo is the wild. The good which appears will give players up to five wild reels.

The Wizard Of Oz is a very popular online slot for New Zealand. Players can’t get enough of once you get started. You will not want to leave once you win those combinations.

Try any one of these five slots that are popular for New Zealand. All five of these slot games are available online and mobile devices. So you can play at any time and anywhere. When you are feeling lucky and need to enjoy a fun game for free or play for real money. You got to check out the five popular online slot for New Zealand you will not leave disappointed at all.

Tips when Playing Blackjack at New Zealand Online Casinos

Tips when Playing Blackjack at New Zealand Online Casinos

Casino Tips

Now many gamblers are turning to online gaming instead of going to a traditional brick and mortar casino in New Zealand. They are doing this for many reasons. Some enjoy being able to gamble as long as they have a good internet connection. Some do it for the bonuses that online casinos offer that brick and mortar casinos do not offer. Some do it because they have a more flexible deposit and withdrawal options. For whatever reason, many online gamblers are playing blackjack with live dealers instead of other games on the online casino. They are playing blackjack because it is fun, has a social aspect to it, and it also has some strategy to it. Many players like that if they follow a basic strategy and knows the best math possible, they have a much better chance of walking away from that casino with some profit than with other games in the casino. Here are some tips when playing blackjack at any New Zealand online casino.

The first tip you will want to know is that you need to stick to good bankroll management. If you only have a couple of hundred dollars, you will not want to bet a big percentage of that on every hand. In general, you will want to stick to around 1 per cent of your bankroll for every hand of blackjack. Because this casino game can change on every hand, you need to make sure that you can withstand a losing session and also be sure that you can capitalize when winning cards are coming your way. Another tip you should consider is to choose a good casino. Not every online casino will be right for you. You need a casino that has good odds on blackjack, good deposit and withdrawal methods, and also is verified to be legitimate by an agency in your location. Not every blackjack table is the same. On some tables, you will have different payouts for blackjack, and some will not allow you to surrender. You want the table with the most options and the best payouts. Depending on your deposit method, you will also want to choose an online casino that will allow you to deposit the way you want. Some will accept credit cards, while others will accept cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. Keep in mind that different online casinos have different fees for deposits and withdrawals. The most important tip is that you need to choose an online casino that is properly licensed in your area. You need to make sure that the game is legitimate and that when you request a withdrawal that the money will be available to you.

Basic strategy is the best thing you can do for yourself to ensure that you are getting the best possible chance in blackjack to walk away from the table with some profit. This is simply when you choose the best possible thing to do with a hand such as a hit, stand, double down, split, or surrender. Each hand has its own best possible thing to do depending on what the dealer’s cards are. If you use basic strategy, the chances of you winning that hand go way up. Also, do not be afraid to surrender if the casino allows it. If the basic strategy says that the best thing to do in that hand is to surrender and get half of your bet back, do not be hesitant to do it. Doubling down is also an important aspect of blackjack. When basic strategy says that you should double your bet on your hand, you should not be afraid to do it as the odds to win that hand is really in your favour.

Another thing to consider is the bonuses. Most online casinos will offer you a deposit bonus. This is when you deposit a certain amount then the casino will match that deposit. But you need to know that it will require you to bet a certain amount. Some online casinos will also offer loyalty or a reward program. This is when the casino will give you certain things such as bonus money or free spins on slots when you bet a certain amount of money with that casino. Depending on how much you will be gambling with that online casino, you can make a lot of money with the deposit bonus or with the reward program. Make sure that you read the fine print before you decide to bet to try to get these bonuses, and that you are gambling responsibly with your money to ensure that you are gambling the right way. Most rewards programs will also have rules and fine print attached to them. Each online casino is different, so you should research which ones will give you the most benefits for your money.

new zealand online casino browsing - Tips when Playing Blackjack at New Zealand Online Casinos

There are differences between playing blackjack online and with a real dealer in the casino. The first difference is that with an online casino you will have to provide verification documents so the casino can ensure that you are who you say you are. If the online casino does not ask for these documents, you should be concerned if that website is a legitimate online casino. A traditional brick and mortar casino will be much more simple to cash out your money. You simply buy-in for the chips, play, then when you are done you can walk to the cage and cash out those chips into money. With an online casino, you will most of the time have to wait for the verification to be approved. Even then often you will have to wait days until the money comes to your bank account. To the average player, this can be a very annoying part of playing in an online casino. but if you are playing in a legitimate online casino in New Zealand, you do not have to worry about the withdrawal not coming. Another difference between an online casino and a traditional brick and mortar casino is that there is a much larger social aspect of the game when you are playing in a brick and mortar casino. There will be other players around you and you can talk to them. For many players, this might be the biggest reason they come to the casino. Online casinos can offer you the chance to talk to the dealer, but oftentimes that is the only social aspect of the game. Many players also like being in the casino environment. But, with online casinos, there are pros such as being able to play whenever you want and also being able to play wherever you want as long as you have good wifi.

Playing blackjack is a fun game that is easy to learn. With online casinos in New Zealand, now you can play blackjack in your home. You should make sure that you are following basic strategy, playing in a legitimately licensed casino, and that you are playing on the best online casino for you. Make sure that you are playing responsibly and that you are not playing with money that you cannot afford to lose. Choose the online casino to play blackjack in New Zealand.

A Look At The Best Slot Machine Providers

A Look At The Best Slot Machine Providers

Casino General Information

As a player, you may have realized that casino games are getting better each and every day. Presently, choosing casino games is quite difficult compared to the past. The reason is due to the availability of very many entertaining, high quality, and fun options. Congrats to slot machine providers! The manufacturers work around the clock to create innovative machines with excellent features. The providers have also made impressive stamps in the gaming industry. However, you may wonder which machine provider is the best. Highlighted below is a list of the top slot machine providers in New Zealand and most parts of the world.

1. Bally

Are you looking for innovative slot developers? Bally is the most inventive manufacturer in the slot machine industry. Nonetheless, this may seem quite ironic as the developer was initially serving in different fields. The manufacturer began in 1968 as a patent technology company. Within the first ten years, the firm had garnered over eighty patents. Ultrasonic for meat tenderizing and fluidic fuel systems were the most famous patients.

However, in mid of the 1980s, the Patient Technology firm slowly got into the gaming industry. The company started manufacturing slot machines. However, the providers underwent a series of challenges changing from one name to another. Nevertheless, the cutting edge technology adopted led to a mark of Bally Company, which still defines it until today.

In the year 2010, Bally introduced U-spin features. The elements provide an option for gamers to spin the wheels during a slot bonus round via touchscreens. This became another vital feature that even won several awards, including the honours for the best slots, as well as technology awards.

Other innovations in gaming include the iDECK, important for controlling bonus features using hands, and the iREELS used to create 3D effects. Betty Boop, China River, Grease, and Pawn Stars, are among slot machines developed by Bally. Wild Huskies, Cash Spin, Hot Shot, Duck Dynasty, Money Vault, and Playboy are also produced by Bally.

2. Microgaming

If you were to search for software providers owing iGame, then Microgaming should be on top of your list. Microgaming is, for sure, a trailblazer in the slot machine industry. The providers have created a series of hit machines after other top machines.

Having been launched in the year 1994, Microgaming has remained to be among the slot machine provider pioneers. With their long duration in the industry, the company prides itself on its wide range selection of more than eight hundred slot machines. Furthermore, Microgaming has numerous online casinos that it supports.

The popular jackpots through Moolah games have become other attractive features provided by Microgaming. The continued delivery of better quality machines together with innovative has been strong points of the developer. For instance, Hot Hade’s games can use 3D graphics. Furthermore, Microgaming has established an agreement with some top gaming companies to offer games on the most popular brands.

Apart from the above mentioned Molaah jackpots, other popular slots by Microgaming are Avalon, Hellboy, and Thunderstruck. Immortal Romance, Tomb Raider, Jurassic Park, Major millions, Games of Thrones, Hitman, and agent Jane are some other famous slot machines developed by Microgaming.

3. JPM

JPM Company has been a slot machine provider for a long period. With over forty years in the industry, the developers boast of most-adored pub fruities that have conquered the industry.

Some of the games include Hagar, as well as Indiana Jones. JPM continues to create excellent slot machine options for Bingo, clubs, betting shops, bars, and halls. Furthermore, JPM has two other brands, namely JPM Interactive and Crystal. Presently, some of the famous slot games include Great Escape, Sheerluck Holmes Magic Six, and the Super Wipeout.

Moreover, JPM also offers the Max Power games found in arcades. The video games entail three terminals offering dual screens. The terminals are also linked to separate top boxes. You can play in any of the machines to contribute to bonus prizes and reserved prizes of Max Power. The rewards build on the symbol of max power gets displayed on pay-lines of gaming machines. After then, pooled jackpots are paid. To be part of jackpot winners, players may participate in the optional community games. Some of the games played in the popular max power are Demon Reels, Golden Knight, Reel Deal, Cash Xplosion, and Mystic Money.

4. IGT

IGT is considered as the largest worldwide producer of slot machines. The producer has offices stretching to nearly every country globally. The company was launched in the year 1971. However, before mid of the 1980s the producer had made a mark in slot machine production. Megabucks was the first progressive machine and remains to be popular until to-date. The slot machine is used in land-based betting shops, and it’s a record-breaker for awarding more progressive funds compared to other slot machines. In the land-based games, IGT has continued to excel. Several games such as Avatar, Breaking Bad, Dirty Dancing, Judge Judy, Star Trek, Hangover, Ellen, TMZ sex and the City continue to be treasured by players.

Wheel Fortune was another slot machine that was launched in the year 1996 by IGT. The legendary games have paid millions of cash for jackpot players, and hence, attracting more players.

The purchase of WagerWorkers was also a great advancement of the company. The 2005 acquisition led to IGT engaging in the provision of online games. Since then, it has hit with several games such as Coyote Moon, Ghostbuster, Wolf Run Cleopatra, and Family Guy.

5. SG Gaming

SG leads in the provision of gaming solutions globally and is referred to as Barcrest slot home. The company supplies technology to many gaming machines in its major markets. The slots machines provided by SG Gaming are founds in arcades, legal betting offices, service stations, pubs, or even in bingo halls. SG was formed after parent firm Scientific Games merged Barcrest with Global Draw in 2012.

Initially, the parent company acquired Global Draw in 2006, with a goal of developing networked terminals for gaming. Scientific Games was attracted to the thriving Global Draw because of its established server gaming system. With the server, Global Draw made a wide-area gaming system like the first one ever. This was possible through the introduction of server gaming machines onto betting shops.

On the other hand, Barcrest provides fruit machines. After it was formed in the year 1963, the firm focused on designing and producing analog machines. However, within the next thirty years, Barcrest rose to become a major player in the gaming industry. In the three decades, the electromechanical machines were advanced into modern slots. The company expanded from the UK and spread to most parts of the world. Barcrest games are found in bingo halls, pubs, or in arcades. In the year 2011, Barcrest was purchased by Scientific Games. After this, they have developed some sequels as well as spin-offs. The sequels introduced new features like Pick and Mix, Scratch and match, pure ports, money-mad mushroom, and free spins.

Bottom Line

Many developers of slot machines are mushrooming with time. However, the quality of the games being introduced matters to players. Therefore, before installing brick and motor slot machines, or accessing online games, searching for the right provider is necessary. The above-discussed providers are international and have spread to different parts of the world. In New Zealand, you can access the games and play at your convenience.

A Closer Look at the Most Popular Casino Games in New Zealand

A Closer Look at the Most Popular Casino Games in New Zealand

Casino General Information

Casino games are popular all over the world. But every culture and subculture has a slightly different take on the gaming experience. In particular, one will usually find that different locations have different preferences for various games. Take New Zealand as a perfect example. Most of the popular games share the same appeal elsewhere. But New Zealand often has a unique take on these games which can provide new perspectives to those who’d like to give them a try.

Slot machines or pokies

Known to most of the world as slot machines, pokies are one of New Zealand’s favorite casino games. Just how popular are slots in New Zealand? They typically bring in close to half of the overall revenue from gambling as a whole. But this brings up an important question of why they’re so popular among locals. What do pokies have that sets them apart from other games? One thing to note is that pokies have some small conveniences which differentiate them from a standard slot. In particular, machines have PIDs. A PID, or player information display, provides people with some extra information relating to their gaming experience. Some of the information included includes time at the machine and expenditures. It’s just a nice way of helping players enjoy the experience. Next, it’s important to keep in mind that slot machines have changed a lot in the past decade. Today’s video slots are more of a combination of traditional games and video games. They tend to have an engaging multimedia presentation. But on top of that, the fact that they’re programmable means that any given terminal can offer multiple styles of gameplay as needed. A casino owner can shuffle around different variations on slot machine rules regularly. And this will, in turn, help players remain engaged.


It’s not at all surprising that poker would make the list. It’s one of the most popular games in the world. And when something has a heavy multimedia presence on the world stage it will tend to dominate the charts everywhere. After all, people in New Zealand watch the game played in a fictional sense in movies and often real-time on TV. It’s little wonder they’d want to give it a shot. And those who do try their hand at poker will discover a game that offers a unique type of engagement. Some games require a skill. And other games require luck. Yet others require some level of social maneuvering and charisma. Poker has the allure of a game that combines all of these traits into a singular whole. Add in some additional glamor earned by worldwide popularity and it’s easy to see why so many people in New Zealand love it.


Craps is another casino game with a lot of visual appeals. As such it too is often featured in movies. And again, it also borrows a lot of popularity from that international exposure. That might be why New Zealand heard about the game in the first place. But what’s kept interest high is a dynamic appeal which is hard to match. The game seems quite complex at first. The dice, methods of throwing them, scoring and a host of other variables can make the game seem quite complex. However, in reality it’s quite a bit easier to play than people suspect. People can usually pick the game up fairly easily. The ease of learning the game leads to another of the game’s most notable features. It will almost always draw a crowd. Most card games don’t lend themselves to an active and vocal group of spectators. Spectators can get a lot out of those events to be sure. But it’s a fundamentally passive experience. But find a game of craps and one will usually find a group of people yelling and having fun. It’s a game people learn quickly. And with the understanding of the rules, and that they won’t interfere with a game by commenting on it, they’ll join in to cheer on the victors.


BlackJack is also notable for being fairly easy to learn. Anyone who can count to 21 can learn the rules of the game pretty easily. However, one can also employ a surprising amount of strategy within the game. This makes it easy to learn but hard to master. And while it’s hard to master it’s also incredibly rewarding for those who do. This leads to a less commonly discussed aspect of the game. A proper strategy is so helpful that it’s one of the most player-friendly games in any given casino. A player has a considerable amount of control over the odds of the game. In poker the odds are often dictated by a combination of luck and other player’s skills. A slot machine is primarily about luck. But one can really work the odds of a BlackJack game through simple practice and skill.


Finally, one will quickly notice that roulette is quite popular in New Zealand. The reason is quite similar to the underlying reasons why it’s popular in many places in the world. It combines many of the best features from other games into a singular whole. For example, consider the appeal of craps. One of the reasons why people like craps is that it lends itself to a cheering crowd. Roulette shares this distinction and any given table is usually surrounded by people having a great time. However, there’s one aspect of gameplay which can make it even more of a draw. Roulette isn’t just easy to learn, it’s also easy to play as a spectator. It’s almost impossible not to play along with the table when watching a game. Roulette is essentially a guessing game. And that’s just how the human mind operates when watching others make a guess. People will, in turn, make guesses of their own. The appeal should be clear when thinking about it like this. It’s a game that essentially walks one through the learning process even as a spectator. There’s little wonder that one will quickly get drawn into it.

7 Important Tips when Playing Roulette at New Zealand Online Casinos

7 Important Tips when Playing Roulette at New Zealand Online Casinos

Casino General Information, Casino Guide

Despite the fact that roulette is one of the simplest games to play when visiting a casino, there are still many individuals who are losing huge amounts of money in this gambling game. Game plans can at least increase your chances of winning in roulette.

Devising a roulette strategy can be a difficult thing to do especially for newbies. That being said, Neon XSZ created this post to help you craft your effective roulette strategy if you are planning to visit a casino in New Zealand.

Most profitable wheel

Do not place your best on the first roulette table that you will find when you enter the casino. Take your time to scan the casino and look for the one with a European layout. Mostly, it is the wheel with a single zero in it. The added zero in American roulette can make your winning chance slimmer so choose right.

Real VS Online roulettes

There is a high chance for you to be tempted to play roulette online in the comfort of your own home. While there is nothing wrong about it, there is a need for you to choose wisely. It is best to choose online roulette with live video feeds as this offers a better chance of winning.

Evaluate wheels

Wheel imperfection is common in casinos and while casino operators always ensure to correct defects in their machines, there are times that not all of these wheels are replaced immediately.

That being said, it is best to spend time evaluating and finding wheels with slight imperfections as it will result in bias, a bias that may turn the odds in your favor.

Dealer’s signature

Noticeable patterns are sometimes developed by dealers. This happens when dealers become tired, making a signature or pattern. This is something that you have to take advantage of as it may affect the speed of the ball and the wheel.

Be discrete

Now, if you think that you already have found the roulette wheel that gives you the highest chance of winning; do not let them find out about it. Casinos will do their best to reveal your method or strategy so be discrete, always.

This is especially true if you are winning consistently, which may lead to some changes being implemented by the casino.

Beat the house edge

You may already have heard about it and yes house edge exists. This is a feature that is built in naturally in the machines of casinos. That being said, you have to look at some things that will help you identify which will give you a lower house edge so you can increase your winning chance. This is where your game strategies come to play.

No to betting progression

Strategies of betting progressions, despite its promise of large winnings, have generally always failed. You do not want your losses to accumulate using this strategy so as much as possible, try to avoid using it.

Roulette is a game of chance, yes, but with the right strategy employed, your chances of winning can be higher. Should you have any questions about the tips above, contact us.

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Free Spins Casino Sign-Up Bonus Tips

Free Spins Casino Sign-Up Bonus Tips

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We all love freebies, and there is nothing better than a no-deposit casino bonus. No deposit casino bonuses are not impossible to find but they are limited to a single account per online casino and are often unavailable once you complete the signup process at the casino.

There are a lot of sites out there with fake bonus codes that claim to be giving you free spins at various online casinos in New Zealand but are often just generated from a website like Random Code Generator.
You will often find after registering at the casino there is no way to access your spins and when you contact support they tell you the offer has expired or even worse than it never existed in the first place. This often leaves you with a sour taste in your mouth and a very poor view of the actual online casino.

Here at Neon XSZ, we have put together a list of the top tips for finding casinos that offer no deposit bonuses and what to do to make sure that you get can claim those bonuses.

Legitimate Free Sign-Up Bonuses in New Zealand

There are online casinos out there trying to scam the unsuspecting Kiwi casino player but sometimes it is not the casino that is making false claims but rather the website that is advertising them. This is often due to the webmaster not updating their website and leaving old offers on the site that the casinos no longer offer.

The key is identifying the best casino aggregator websites that are updated regularly and provide continuous accurate feedback on the various offers and casinos available in New Zealand. The best website we have found in this regard is Best New Zealand Casinos. Best NZ casinos provide honest accurate reviews on all the top online casinos in New Zealand. They also have two pages that are of particular importance to this article.

The first page that you should visit is the casino free spins bonus page. This page discusses all you need to know about free spins and lists several free spin offers available for New Zealanders. The key here is that all offers and details are up to date and available in NZ.

The second article we recommend is the no deposit bonus on the signup page has a list of free signup bonuses available in New Zealand. This list is frequently updated along with relevant information regarding withdrawal wagering requirements.

No Deposit Casino Bonus Restrictions

The second thing to consider when looking at no deposit casino bonuses is the restrictions placed on the bonuses. There isn’t an online casino anywhere in the world that will give a player free spins or free money and not put a withdrawal restriction on it.

The most common restriction that is placed on free sign-up bonuses is that players will need to wager the winnings several times before they can withdraw. Most casinos enforce somewhere between 35x-55x wagering requirements on money won on free spins. Several more nefarious online casinos will place wagering requirements of up to 100x on bonuses though. This is something you should always check in the casino terms and conditions before signing up.

Several casinos will also force players to make at least one successful deposit before allowing them to withdraw any winnings. This is often a fraud requirement from the casino as they can complete certain fraud checks on players when a deposit is made.

The penultimate restriction we will discuss is that of game restriction. The free spins a casino offers are normally on a specific game. It is important to check which game these free spins are offered on as it is sometimes impossible to identify after logging in to the casino

The final restriction is that of betting limits. The vast majority of online casinos in New Zealand enforce a betting limit on bonus money. This limit is often applied to the wagering requirements which catch players out when they win big on free spins and then want to bet big with their winnings. The casino is often able to confiscate the player’s winnings if they bet beyond the wagering limit.

Free Money Sign-Up Bonuses

There aren’t too many of these bonuses in New Zealand currently as there was a lot of abuse when casinos ran them in the past.

These free money sign-up bonuses have now been replaced with deposit match bonuses which range from anywhere between 50% up to 200% at certain casinos. These bonuses are usually accompanied by similar wagering restrictions to that of money won on free spins.

Deposit match bonuses are an excellent way to extract maximum value from your first deposit at an online casino but we recommend reading the terms and conditions of the casino in question and checking the review at Best New Zealand Casinos to ensure that the casino is one that you can trust and is not just another scam.

Are free Sign-Up bonuses legitimate?

There are a few legitimate free sign-up bonuses out there but we recommend doing your research first to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. So before you go out shouting

“If it’s free I’ll take two”

make sure you have checked the offer at a reputable third-party site like Best NZ Casinos and read the casino bonus terms and conditions. Remember you can always get more bonuses when you play at a reputable NZ online casino by using a free sign-up bonus code.

Top 5 Casino Game Graphics Providers

Top 5 Casino Game Graphics Providers

Casino Guide

There are a lot of factors that one should look into when choosing a site to play online casino games. Some of these factors include bonuses, deposits, and gaming options. However, all these things can be useless if the site that you have chosen does not run smoothly or even look good.

It makes sense because how can you be entertained if you are not comfortable with your surroundings? The way you look at the software being used for a particular online casino site should be the same when you look at game graphics.

Neon XSZ believes that the quality of an online casino site can be judged through the smallest details of its graphics. That being said, we created a list of the top 5 best casino game graphics providers for you.

casino game graphics providers developer team - Top 5 Casino Game Graphics Providers


Using advanced technologies, NextGen is easily top of the pile when talking about the best game graphics provider in the industry. Quality sound, reed bounce, and 3D design games are just some of the things that NextGen specializesin.


If it is an immersive game playing experience that you are looking for then look no further than IGT. It focuses on slot development added with state-of-the-art innovations. Quirky icons, and original design is easy to find with this game graphics provider.


Original designs and beautiful graphics are what you can expect from NetEnt. And if you love fairytales and films in your casino games, NetEnt is the one you need. Gameplay that is aesthetically delightful, quick, and smooth are the characteristics of game graphics that this provider takes pride in.


This provider uses flash technology to devise some of the most innovative and best casino games that you can find in the market. Beautiful graphics plus reliability and speed are what you can get from them.

When looking for top New Zealand online casino sites, check if its graphics provider is one of the 4 mentioned above.

Tips and Tricks for Slot Machines Gaming in NZ

Tips and Tricks for Slot Machines Gaming in NZ

Casino General Information, Casino Tips

Pokies or slot machines are one of the most popular gambling games in New Zealand casinos and around the world. The easy access to pokies also makes it more appealing to people since you can also find and play them outside land-based casinos, in clubs or pubs, and even online.

Slot machines is also known to be a highly addictive form of gambling so responsible gaming is a must when playing it, and know your limitations. So, when is the best time to play your favorite slot machine games? Neon XSZ gives you tips so you can make the most out of it.


tips for slot machines happy typing - Tips and Tricks for Slot Machines Gaming in NZ

Mind conditioning is important when playing gambling games like pokies. Of course, since it is a game of chance, you do not want to play with increased negativity because of the bad mood that you are in.

Neon XSZ believes that the perfect time to play slot machines is when you are happy and you feel it inside and out.


tips for slot machines money laptop - Tips and Tricks for Slot Machines Gaming in NZ

It is also important to note that you only wager money that is already in excess to your daily home expenses. So, if you have mouths to feed, your parents, your children, or even your own, make sure that you keep their bellies full first.

Do not ever use the money intended for your family as bets for your gambling adventure.


tips for slot machines phone calculator - Tips and Tricks for Slot Machines Gaming in NZ

Always remember not to play or wager money that you do not have. You only play when you have extra cash, do not use money that is intended for the more important stuff. Do not forget that you are gambling just to be entertained, do not look for more than that.

Do not wager a huge amount of money just because you want to chase your losses. Play wisely.

Do research

tips for slot machines researching - Tips and Tricks for Slot Machines Gaming in NZ

It would also help a lot if you do your homework before coming to the casinos, and that is to research the things that you need to know. And if you are playing online, also read about the online casino system in NZ so you do not get lost along the way.

In general, you need to always be prepared and play wisely when playing not only pokies but also other casino games that are available today.


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