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Free Spins Casino Sign-Up Bonus Tips

We all love freebies, an there is nothing better than a no deposit casino bonus. No deposit casino bonuses are not impossible to find but they are limited to a single account per online casino and are often unavailable once you complete the signup process at the casino.

There are a lot of sites out there with fake bonus codes that claim to be giving you free spins at various online casinos in New Zealand but are often just generated from a website like Random Code Generator.
You will often find after registering at the casino there is no way to access your spins and when you contact support they tell you the offer has expired or even worse that it never existed in the first place. This often leaves you with a sour taste in your mouth and a very poor view of the actual online casino.

Here an Neon X NZ we have put together a list of the top tips for finding casino that offer no deposit bonuses and what to do to make sure that you get are able to claim those bonuses.

Legitimate Free Sign-Up Bonuses in New Zealand

There are online casinos out there trying to scam the unsuspecting Kiwi casino player but sometimes it is not the casino that is making false claims but rather the website that is advertising them. This is often due to the webmaster not updating their website and leaving old offers on the site that the casinos no longer offer.

The key is identifying the best casino aggregator websites that are updated regularly and provide continuous accurate feedback on the various offers and casinos available in New Zealand. The best website we have found in this regard is Best New Zealand Casinos. Best NZ casinos provides honest accurate reviews on all the top online casinos in New Zealand. They also have two pages that are of particular importance with regards to this article.

The fist page that you should visit is the casino free spins bonus page. This page discusses all you need to know around free spins and lists a number of free spins offers available for New Zealanders. The key here is that all offers and details are up to date and available in NZ.

The second article we recommend is the the no deposit bonus on signup page has a list of free signup bonuses available in New Zealand. This list is frequently updated along with relevant information regarding withdrawal wagering requirements.

No Deposit Casino Bonus Restrictions

The second thing to consider when looking at no deposit casino bonuses is the restrictions placed on the bonuses. There isn’t an online casino anywhere in the world that will give a player free spins or free money and not put a withdrawal restriction on it.

The most common restriction that is placed on free sign-up bonuses is that players will need to wager the winnings a number of times before they are able to withdraw. Most casinos with enforce somewhere between 35x-55x wagering requirements on money won on free spins. There are a number of more nefarious online casinos that will place wagering requirements of up to 100x on bonuses though. This is something you should always check in the casino terms and conditions before signing up.

There are a number of casinos that will also force players to make at least one successful deposit before allowing them to withdraw any winnings. This is often a fraud requirement from the casino as they are able to complete certain fraud checks on players when a deposit is made.

The penultimate restriction we will discuss is that of game restriction. The free spins a casino offers are normally on a specific game. It is important to check which game these free spins are offered on as it is sometimes impossible to identify after logging in to the casino

The final restriction is that of betting limits. The vast majority of online casinos in New Zealand enforce a betting limit on bonus money. This limit is often applied to the wagering requirements which catch players out when they win big on free spins and then want to bet big with their winnings. The casino is often able to confiscate the players winnings if they bet beyond the wagering limit.

Free Money Sign-Up Bonuses

There aren’t too many of these bonuses in New Zealand currently as there was a lot of abuse when casinos ran them in the past.

These free money sign-up bonuses have now been replaced with deposit match bonuses which range from anywhere between 50% up to 200% at certain casinos. These bonuses are usually accompanied by similar wagering restrictions to that of money won on free spins.

Deposit match bonuses are an excellent way to extract maximum value from your first deposit at an online casino but we recommend reading the terms and conditions of the casino in question and checking the review at Best New Zealand Casinos to ensure that the casino is one that you can trust and is not just another scam.

Are free Sign-Up bonuses legitimate?

There are a few legitimate free sign-up bonuses out there but we recommend doing you research first to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. So before you go out shouting

“If it’s free I’ll take two”

make sure you have checked the offer at a reputable third part site like Best NZ Casinos and read the casino bonus terms and conditions.