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7 Important Tips when Playing Roulette at New Zealand Online Casinos

Despite the fact that roulette is one of the simplest games to play when visiting a casino, there are still many individuals who are losing huge amounts of money in this gambling game. Game plans can at least increase your chances of winning in roulette.

Devising a roulette strategy can be a difficult thing to do especially for newbies. That being said, Neon XSZ created this post to help you craft your effective roulette strategy if you are planning to visit a casino in New Zealand.

Most profitable wheel

Do not place your best on the first roulette table that you will find when you enter the casino. Take your time to scan the casino and look for the one with a European layout. Mostly, it is the wheel with a single zero in it. The added zero in American roulette can make your winning chance slimmer so choose right.

Real VS Online roulettes

There is a high chance for you to be tempted to play roulette online in the comfort of your own home. While there is nothing wrong about it, there is a need for you to choose wisely. It is best to choose online roulette with live video feeds as this offers a better chance of winning.

Evaluate wheels

Wheel imperfection is common in casinos and while casino operators always ensure to correct defects in their machines, there are times that not all of these wheels are replaced immediately.

That being said, it is best to spend time evaluating and finding wheels with slight imperfections as it will result in bias, a bias that may turn the odds in your favor.

Dealer’s signature

Noticeable patterns are sometimes developed by dealers. This happens when dealers become tired, making a signature or pattern. This is something that you have to take advantage of as it may affect the speed of the ball and the wheel.

Be discrete

Now, if you think that you already have found the roulette wheel that gives you the highest chance of winning; do not let them find out about it. Casinos will do their best to reveal your method or strategy so be discrete, always.

This is especially true if you are winning consistently, which may lead to some changes being implemented by the casino.

Beat the house edge

You may already have heard about it and yes house edge exists. This is a feature that is built in naturally in the machines of casinos. That being said, you have to look at some things that will help you identify which will give you a lower house edge so you can increase your winning chance. This is where your game strategies come to play.

No to betting progression

Strategies of betting progressions, despite its promise of large winnings, have generally always failed. You do not want your losses to accumulate using this strategy so as much as possible, try to avoid using it.

Roulette is a game of chance, yes, but with the right strategy employed, your chances of winning can be higher. Should you have any questions about the tips above, contact us.

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