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Great Advice on Joining an Online Casino

So you want to join an online casino but are unsure where to start. Great, this blog will help you choose. Joining an online casino is great, relaxing fun, and if you are a little lucky, you can also win big money, but there are plenty of caveats, to begin with. Gamble within your limits This should be obvious, but it isn’t for everyone. So by all means, when you have had a good night’s sleep and are awake. fresh and relaxed, sit down and create a budget for your gambling.

Why gambling is enjoyable?

Gambling should be mostly for fun, but the fun runs out quickly if you spend above your comfortable limits. You don’t want to get to the point where you have a choice between gambling and eating, or gambling and being able to afford gas to get to work.

Determine your risk factor for gambling online You want to both have fun and hopefully pick up some pocket money, but if your goal is to become an instant millionaire, then that is a different strategy. There are hundreds of ways to make $100 or more, but only one way to become an instant millionaire, and that is to play slots like Mega Moola or Gladiator. If the latter is your goal, more power to you, but realize the chance of winning a big jackpot is only around 1 in 49,836,032 plays. And even if you only wager the minimum bet, you might need to wager well over a billion pulls to win the jackpot.

How to choose the right casino

Choosing a casino by reputation is the next thing to know. New Zealanders are lucky because unlike places such as the United States, they pretty well can choose any online casino anywhere in the world with the minor exception that the online casino cannot be physically located in New Zealand. To the best of our knowledge, there are no online casinos that do not accept Kiwi players. So that’s the easy part. The hard part is choosing an online casino with a great reputation. So how do you do that?

Consider the licensing source Online Casinos can be divided into four main categories: * unregulated casinos — those which have no licensing whatsoever. * Casino regulated by Native American regulators such as the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority in Canada. * Casinos operated in Central America such as those regulated in Panama or Antigua. * High-End Casinos are regulated in the UK, Malta, and other European Countries. To make matters fairly simple, we’ll just say that unless you are a fool, never gamble at any unregulated online casino, Indian Casinos can be risky, and Caribbean Online Central American Casinos are just about as risky as gambling at an unregulated casino. This leaves high-end Casinos such as those regulated in the UK or the Isle of Man, and Casinos which are regulated in Malta. Malta alone has nearly 400, licensed online casinos, and they are very tight at actually regulating casinos.

Top online casinos - Great Advice on Joining an Online Casino

Look for the eCogra seal for additional protection, look for the eCogra seal. eCongra is a private organization based in the UK that ensures that casinos operate ethically. eCongra has two divisions, the Approved Testing division, and the Self-Regulation Service division. The first tests things like software, to ensure everything is above board, but it is the second, the Self Regulating Division that matters. Just because you win substantial money does not mean you will collect that money from the casino. Some casinos are notorious for taking the money and running. eCongra is an agency you can turn to, which is far more powerful than complaining to a government regulatory body such as the Malta Gaming Association. It is your best option to ensure you get paid properly

Find out more about the casino

Also, review sites, be sure your considered casino meets the first two steps, but finally, different review sites may offer you a quick comparison of the casino. We say may, because, unfortunately, many review sites are nothing more than a list of online casinos that receive a small commission for touting. But some review sites are very good and will rate an individual casino. Do read such reviews to get an idea of whether the casino is legit or not.

Do your research. Concerning doing your research, we urge you first to consider whether the casino has the games you wish to play, what are the withdrawal and payment methods and limits, how soon you can expect a payout and more. In general, we say do not pay a lot of attention to the casino bonuses, because bonuses are a notoriously sketchy part of almost all online casinos.

Test out the casino for yourself. After all, this is done, take a small percentage of your gambling kitty and chose a casino you think you’ll enjoy and that everything is likely to be satisfactory. Do not send more than $100 or $200. This is a test, and if you spend upwards of $1,000 or more, you may be very unsatisfied with the results. Rember, the object here is to find one, or possibly two great casinos, not to have 10 or more online casinos going. You want a fair casino, with good games, to have fun, and hopefully win a little pocket money here or there.