Tuesday, November 29

Responsible Gaming

responsible gaming 3d casino - Responsible GamingWelcome to Neon XSZ! Your number one source for top NZ casinos, we help you learn all the things that you need to know about the casino industry in NZ.

Also, we promote responsible gaming and this page is dedicated to our goal of bringing a responsible gaming environment to our subscribers.

In other words, we do not only aim to help our subscribers make the most out of their NZ casino gambling experience, but we also help them experience maximum fun and entertainment while preventing irresponsible gaming, especially to underage individuals.

That being said, in order to be in line with the government policies and to honor the license granted to us, we also provide information that helps ensure a safe and secure gaming experience for everyone. We promote the following.

Protection of minors

We support the act of not allowing underaged individuals from entering casino establishments and playing casino games online.

We believe that it’s an offense for individuals below the age of 18 to participate in any form of gambling, especially in the casino. That being said, we create content to help remindpeople about this.

We also encourage parents to install some filtering software like GamBlock, Cyber Patrol, Net Nanny, and Gamban in order to prevent minors from playing casino games online. Should you have more questions, send a message to Neon XSZ.

Prevention of compulsive gaming

It is undeniable that there can be individuals who become obsessed with playing casino games because of the chance of winning real money instead of looking at it as just a pure form of entertainment.

We consider this compulsive gambling and gaming problems and it is something that we want to prevent from happening to anyone.

We encourage every casino enthusiast to always remember that you are coming to the casino or playing casino games because of entertainment.

Also, remember that there is no secret formula to winning in casino gambling because it is undoubtedly a game of chance. And most importantly, do not ever try to chase the money that you have already lost.


In general, it is just a matter of knowing your limitations. So, to help you know how to control yourself, we also publish content that will guide you to become a responsible gamer by practicing self-limits.

Be informed and strive to be responsible at all times. Neon XSZ is always here to guide you and provide valuable information, from casinos to games information, and of course responsible gaming.