Saturday, May 21

A Closer Look at the Most Popular Casino Games in New Zealand

Casino games are popular all over the world. But every culture and subculture has a slightly different take on the gaming experience. In particular, one will usually find that different locations have different preferences for various games. Take New Zealand as a perfect example. Most of the popular games share the same appeal elsewhere. But New Zealand often has a unique take on these games which can provide new perspectives to those who’d like to give them a try.

Slot machines or pokies

Known to most of the world as slot machines, pokies are one of New Zealand’s favorite casino games. Just how popular are slots in New Zealand? They typically bring in close to half of the overall revenue from gambling as a whole. But this brings up an important question of why they’re so popular among locals. What do pokies have that sets them apart from other games? One thing to note is that pokies have some small conveniences which differentiate them from a standard slot. In particular, machines have PIDs. A PID, or player information display, provides people with some extra information relating to their gaming experience. Some of the information included includes time at the machine and expenditures. It’s just a nice way of helping players enjoy the experience. Next, it’s important to keep in mind that slot machines have changed a lot in the past decade. Today’s video slots are more of a combination of traditional games and video games. They tend to have an engaging multimedia presentation. But on top of that, the fact that they’re programmable means that any given terminal can offer multiple styles of gameplay as needed. A casino owner can shuffle around different variations on slot machine rules regularly. And this will, in turn, help players remain engaged.


It’s not at all surprising that poker would make the list. It’s one of the most popular games in the world. And when something has a heavy multimedia presence on the world stage it will tend to dominate the charts everywhere. After all, people in New Zealand watch the game played in a fictional sense in movies and often real-time on TV. It’s little wonder they’d want to give it a shot. And those who do try their hand at poker will discover a game that offers a unique type of engagement. Some games require a skill. And other games require luck. Yet others require some level of social maneuvering and charisma. Poker has the allure of a game that combines all of these traits into a singular whole. Add in some additional glamor earned by worldwide popularity and it’s easy to see why so many people in New Zealand love it.


Craps is another casino game with a lot of visual appeals. As such it too is often featured in movies. And again, it also borrows a lot of popularity from that international exposure. That might be why New Zealand heard about the game in the first place. But what’s kept interest high is a dynamic appeal which is hard to match. The game seems quite complex at first. The dice, methods of throwing them, scoring and a host of other variables can make the game seem quite complex. However, in reality it’s quite a bit easier to play than people suspect. People can usually pick the game up fairly easily. The ease of learning the game leads to another of the game’s most notable features. It will almost always draw a crowd. Most card games don’t lend themselves to an active and vocal group of spectators. Spectators can get a lot out of those events to be sure. But it’s a fundamentally passive experience. But find a game of craps and one will usually find a group of people yelling and having fun. It’s a game people learn quickly. And with the understanding of the rules, and that they won’t interfere with a game by commenting on it, they’ll join in to cheer on the victors.


BlackJack is also notable for being fairly easy to learn. Anyone who can count to 21 can learn the rules of the game pretty easily. However, one can also employ a surprising amount of strategy within the game. This makes it easy to learn but hard to master. And while it’s hard to master it’s also incredibly rewarding for those who do. This leads to a less commonly discussed aspect of the game. A proper strategy is so helpful that it’s one of the most player-friendly games in any given casino. A player has a considerable amount of control over the odds of the game. In poker the odds are often dictated by a combination of luck and other player’s skills. A slot machine is primarily about luck. But one can really work the odds of a BlackJack game through simple practice and skill.


Finally, one will quickly notice that roulette is quite popular in New Zealand. The reason is quite similar to the underlying reasons why it’s popular in many places in the world. It combines many of the best features from other games into a singular whole. For example, consider the appeal of craps. One of the reasons why people like craps is that it lends itself to a cheering crowd. Roulette shares this distinction and any given table is usually surrounded by people having a great time. However, there’s one aspect of gameplay which can make it even more of a draw. Roulette isn’t just easy to learn, it’s also easy to play as a spectator. It’s almost impossible not to play along with the table when watching a game. Roulette is essentially a guessing game. And that’s just how the human mind operates when watching others make a guess. People will, in turn, make guesses of their own. The appeal should be clear when thinking about it like this. It’s a game that essentially walks one through the learning process even as a spectator. There’s little wonder that one will quickly get drawn into it.