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                            "Fast-paced, freeform modular combat and exploration rewards players with an incredible amount of
customization. You make your own adventure -- It's Sid Meier's Pirates! in cyberspace" - SuperBunnyHop

96% Positive Reviews on Steam
 95% Rating by Players on Desura

  TEASER TRAILER (Full trailer below)

"The customisation and upgrade system in NeonXSZ is particularly impressive, with dozens
of ships to choose from and over 700 upgrades available through loot drops and trading,
you'll be able to make your ships truly unique.

NeonXSZ is an excellent slice of space combat, that takes the Descent formula and adds so much more.
It also offers a massive ammount of re-playability thanks to the world, upgrades, and enemy AI,
all being completely procedurally generated."

Note: The latest update extended the game to over 900 upgrades.


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